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Non-Dues Revenue
Through alternative revenue generation we've been able to assist our clients in allocating monies to starting special projects, launching a new association and investing.

Sponsorship Programs
Over the last 18 years, BTF has been successful in developing and implementing sponsorship programs that provide non-dues revenue for the association, exposure for corporate sponsors, and also offset various events.

We have taken small “in-kind” based programs to high revenue, long-term sponsorship programs. In one case, we took an annual sponsorship program from about $30,000 annual “in-kind” services to an annual revenue of $250,000.

Our primary goal for a sponsorship program is to increase revenues for the organization. An equally important goal is to develop and nurture the relationships with commercial partners and sponsors.

We also like to advise our clients that sponsorship money should, as soon as financially feasible, be allocated to special projects rather than operating budget as it can dry up any year.

Existing Sponsorship Program Evaluation

Evaluate current sponsorship status, if any
Evaluate opportunities for sponsors - all occasions for exposure and recognition
Evaluate existing promotional materials for sponsorship program

Sponsorship Program Development

Work with you to establish realistic sponsorship goals
Recommend program structure
Prepare and present program for your approval

Implementation and Management

Manage interaction with sponsors and implementation of program
Manage sponsorship activities - before, during and after the event



























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