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Full Service Association Management

As a professional association management company, we work with association leaders to focus their energy on leading their industry and profession rather than administrative tasks. Associations can take advantage of BTF's years of experience providing association management to a variety of non-profit organizations and their programs.

Internet Communications &

We have custom built our own association management database program when there was nothing suitable “off the shelf”, purchased databases tailored for association management that were housed on our server, and licensed web-based AMS databases. Most recently, we have adapted to the latest social media and social networking integrations. Through all of our experience and processes we are able to determine the best possible match between our clients and various technology solutions.

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Board Development

We pride ourselves on excellent communications between our office and our non-profit clients. We act as a liaison between the Board, volunteer leaders, and membership, interacting with all levels of the organizations infrastructure.

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Financial Management

As an accredited AMC we know how important transparent financial management is to the health of the partnership between the AMC and the association. We work with volunteers that have various levels of skill and knowledge in financial management.

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Membership Maintenance & Development

Membership is the backbone of many associations. We have been able to substantially grow membership and shrink retention deficits for our clients.

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Certification & Accreditation Management

BTF Enterprises’ has over 12 years of experience in administering national certification exams. In addition to maintaining the certification through application and CEU tracking / processing, we also provide marketing support to promote the credibility of the credential and the importance of upholding the organization’s standards and code of ethics.

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Event Management

BTF Enterprises has produced over 1,400 conferences and events for both our non-profit and corporate clients. We have managed events as small as 25 and as large as 6,500 attendees, as well as trade shows as small as 10 and up to 600 exhibitors.

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Administration & Management

BTF takes pride in our organizational skills. We believe policies and procedures, timelines, and teamwork to be key elements in achieving all projects on or before deadlines and within budget.

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Graphics, Web Pages &

Professional preparation and presentation is important to an associations image and membership information. Recent years have shown a steady trend toward utilizing electronic documents to avoid the large costs associated with printing and mailing; our philosophy is to take a diversified approach to reach audiences in a variety of methods.

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Program Development &

Our primary goal for any program area is to increase revenues for the organization to either help in building operational reserves or to reinvest into the organization in growing or developing programs. An equally important goal is to develop and nurture the relationships with members, commercial partners and sponsors.

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"The most significant part of our relationship is the fact that BTF is more than a service. The people in the office genuinely care about promoting CASL. They serve as consultants, when asked, and invariably give advice and ideas based on sound business and people practices."
-D. Shaffer, Past CASL State Coordinator


"You have taken a huge burden off our shoulders! You also continue to amaze me with your insight and wealth of knowledge. It has been a pleasure to work with such professionals."
- S. Kurtz, Annual Conference Chair, AZA


"I think you guys are the best decision we ever made. You helped this organization get back on its feet through tough times. Great Teamwork."
- J. Holoman, IARP Past President


"...Our main objective was to increase service to our members, grow our membership and achieve financial independence...We saw substantial results toward our goal within six months of engaging BTF as our management team. They have continued to meet and exceed our expectations."
-B. Martin, Past President, Current Treasurer, CADA


"We can't thank you enough for all of the work 'above and beyond' that you seem to do so effortlessly."
- M.G. Graham, Past President, ABVE









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