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Certification Maintenance & Development

BTF Enterprisesí has over 12 years of experience in administering national certification exams as part of the full scope of association management services.

Our Member Services team answers questions on how to apply for certification and what the requirements and qualifications are for obtaining certification through our non-profit organizations. When an individual submits an application, we review it for completeness and follow up on any outstanding items based on the guidelines developed by the board and volunteer committees.

We have worked with organizations that require demonstrated work experience, peer reviews, transcript review and more during the application process. We utilize our systems to help applicants stay on track and navigate the process.

BTF staff is responsible for making available the test materials and coordinating the site or proctoring of the exam. In addition to maintaining the certification through application and CEU tracking / processing, we also provide marketing support to promote the credibility of the credential and the importance of upholding the organizationís standards and code of ethics.

We continuously communicate with our certified members to keep them informed of the organizations activities, opportunities to promote credentialing, upcoming events and news in the industry.















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